Just because your favorite piece of furniture has suffered some damage, that is no reason to have to replace it. Replacing furniture of equal quality can often become very expensive, and many times you end-up accepting something that you do not really want.


Replacement of recliner mechanisms is our most frequently requested repair service. Remember, most recliner manufacturers will replace their mechanism free of charge. You pay installation labor charges plus pick-up and delivery costs.


Many of us have seen antiques at auctions, at a dealer, or even found a gem at a second hand shop or garage sale. Often, though, these pieces seem beyond saving so we pass on them. Now, consider purchasing that antique and bringing your new found treasure to Schlager Upholstery. We take special care and pride in restoring antiques, and these pieces often become family heirlooms that are then passed on for generations. Then, when that heirloom needs refurbishing, we will be there to repeat the process over again! You will have made one of the wisest decisions  you will ever make... in your  possession, you’ll have a valuable antique at a fraction of the cost.


When furniture is damaged at work, we will repair it in a timely fashion and extend the life of the furniture while saving your budget. Your office environment will once again become more pleasant and productive for everyone.

You’ll never regret it, and you may just find yourself looking for other pieces of furniture in need of repair---at home and in your place of work!

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