custom frames

Sometimes you have a certain idea of how you want a certain space to appear. You search and search, but you cannot find the item to complete your idea. If that is the case, its time to consider selecting a hardwood frame and having Schlager Upholstery make it uniquely yours.

Our frame dealer, Chervan offers a nice selection of top quality hardwood frames in a unique cross-section of styles. Schlager Upholstery constructs (glue / clamp, eight-way / hand-tied coil springs, finishing exposed hardwood frame, etc.) your custom frame. Then, we custom upholster your frame ,utilizing agreed upon applications of padding, seating / in-back styles, skirts / base welt, accent features, and matching fabric pattern with frame style.


Down-size furniture? Absolutely! As we mature, more and more people are moving into smaller / more efficient homes. We simply “down-size” existing furniture (usually, sofas and loveseats) so that the piece(s) fit perfectly into the layout of their new abode!

With custom furniture frames and / or “down-sized” furniture, you are more able to control your ideas of how your home and / or office should represent you.

Need advice or a quote? If you’re seeking a little "advice” concerning custom upholstered furniture and an unusual upholstery-related project, send us an advice inquiry. Or request a free quick quote and receive a response within 48 hours!