There are three (3) dimensions you need to consider when measuring for your cornice: the outside dimensions [X], [Y], and [Z].

Needless to say, Schlager Upholstery will personally measure the desired cornice so as to insure that all parties are comfortable with the measurement numbers and positioning of your new cornice.

Whether you’re planning to install formal drapery, miniblinds, Roman shades, or another type of window treatment, custom upholstered window cornices add a new dimension to your decorating efforts.

Schlager Upholstery will build your custom designed cornice and then custom upholster it. But wait a minute; I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin this way!

In addition to the cornice’s obvious functional purpose (concealing drapery hardware or often the unattractive tops of miniblinds and other window treatments) --- its custom upholstery brings a touch of color and texture to your room. Simply choose a fabric that coordinates with, but not necessarily matches, that of other furnishings and / or window treatments.

Cornices can also be used to improve the proportions of a room that has undersized windows or window moldings. The dimensions of the cornice shown below can easily be modified to suit your design needs. You might, for example, decide to extend the cornice all the way to the ceiling instead of just a couple inches above the window casing.

Here are just a few basic scallop styles...

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